Leatt GPX 6.5 Neck Brace

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Product Overview

Years of the same commitment, passion and dedication went into the development of the revolutionary Leatt-Brace® and continues with every new product being developed at Leatt®. Backed by scientific research and the collaboration with highly esteemed players in the safety field, all their products benefit from these continuous efforts by Dr. Leatt and his team of designers and biomedical engineers at the Leatt® Lab in Cape Town, South Africa, home of Leatt®'s research and development. It is their badge of honor. Their choice.

  • New carbon chassis design by Leatt.
  • MaxiWeave carbon matrix for increased rigidity and lower weight.
  • Lightweight at 600 grams, yet still very rigid without flex.
  • New design helmet rim striking platform profile.
  • Improved helmet side clearance.
  • On-board size adjusting - no parts needed.
  • Great fit with sliding front and rear.
  • Folding thoracic.
  • On-board four-angle rear thoracic adjustment; 0, 5 and 10°.
  • New design clear strap included to use as optional.
  • Three-way adjustable for great comfort and fit.
  • CE certified as Personal Protective Equipment 89/686/EEC.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review