Sherco Core EXP 3.0 auto-clutch

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Product Overview

CoreEXP™ 3.0

Core EXP just got better - Now with EXP 3.0 Technology™ - Breakthrough in Response, Performance and Tunability! Rekluse Core EXP is Rekluse's award winning premier product. It is the #1 choice for performance-minded riders that insist on perfect clutch lever feel that also demand the highest performance and durability available.

  • Faster cornering.
  • Improved traction.
  • Virtually eliminates stalling.
  • Better starts.
  • Faster lap times.

Prevents Stalling: Innovative EXP disk design incorporates updated wedge weights to prevent your machine from clutch related stalls.

Higher Durability: Improved design reduces friction and heat build-up so your components last longer.

Power to the Ground: A properly set up Core EXP delivers constant power without slip, providing high performance and traction control exclusive to the Auto-Clutch.

Better Lever Feel: Capable of manual override at all times with a lever that feels just like stock, but won't be subject to clutch fade like traditional clutches.

Technologically Advanced 3.0 Pressure Plate - Unprecedented Benefits:

  • Bike feels lighter - Up to 27% lighter creates less rotating mass.
  • Increases clutch life - Most innovative pressure plate design ever. Dramatically increases oil flow and cooling.

Innovative 3.0 Center Clutch Hub - Designed for Performance:

  • Bike feels lighter - Up to 20% lighter creates less rotating mass.
  • Increases clutch life and helps reduce fade - Dramatically increases oil flow to create cooler operating temperatures, reducing clutch fade and providing higher durability.

Precision Steel Drive Plates - Rekluse's Best Ever:

  • Provides consistent modulation and power delivery - Durable new tooth profile creates smoother, more controlled and consistent clutch modulation while helping deliver full power to ground.

Note: Rekluse provides a 1-year warranty from date of shipment for materials and workmanship when the Rekluse product is installed per Rekluse instructions into a stock bike set-up.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review